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Research Staff

Mr Sastry Dhara
Programme Manager
Natural Catastrophe Data and Analytics Exchange Tel: (65) 6592-1868
Office: N1-B1b-12
Email: sastry.dhara@ntu.edu.sg
Dr Pradeep Mandapaka Venkata
Senior Research Fellow
Future Resilient Systems: Growth and Evolution of City Infrastructure Tel: (65) 6592-1870
Office: N1-B1b-10
Email: pradeepmv@ntu.edu.sg
Dr Chao Zhai
Research Fellow
Infrastructure Systems Risk Monitoring, Detection, and Control Tel: (65)6592-1870
Office: ICRM N1-B1b-10
Email: zhaichao@ntu.edu.sg
Dr Du Wenqi
Research Fellow
Seismic Response of Sites and Buildings Tel: (65)6590-1875
Office: ICRM N1-B1b-08
Email: WQDu@ntu.edu.sg
Dr Vivek Kant
Research Fellow
Modeling Sociotechnical Systems Tel: (65)6592-1870
Office: ICRM N1-B1b-10
Email: vkant@ntu.edu.sg
Dr Lu Yunfeng
Research Fellow
Human Decision Making in Risky, Dynamic and Complex Environments Tel: (65)6592-1521
Office: HSS-04-50
Email: luyunfeng@ntu.edu.sg
Dr Meya Yanger Walling
Research Fellow
MHA: Development of a GIS-based System for Earthquake Response Monitoring of Buildings in Singapore Tel: (65)6592-1870
Office: ICRM N1-B1b-10
Email: MYWALLING@ntu.edu.sg
Dr Ning Chaolie
Research Fellow
Fragility Curves of Buildings Tel: (65)6592-1870
Office: ICRM N1-B1b-10
Email: CLNing@ntu.edu.sg
Dr Qian Qiyu
Research Fellow
Megacity Risks Tel: (65)6592-1870
Office: ICRM N1-B1b-10
Email: QYQian@ntu.edu.sg
Ms. Sangeetha Santhappan Venkatachalam
Research Associate
Flood risk simulation model for Jakarta, Indonesia Tel: (65)6589-1875
Office: N1-B1b-08
Email: sangeetha@ntu.edu.sg