ICRM Annual Symposium


Symposium 2010

Inaugural International Symposium On Catastrophe Risk Management
Public-Private Partnership in Understanding, Communicating and Managing Catastrophe Risk

21 & 22 January 2010

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In recent years, the nature and effects of disasters have changed. Simultaneously in Asia, high levels of economic activities take place in a low ‘risk-awareness’ environment. Asia faces challenges in understanding and recognising risk, risk quantification (in social, economic and environmental realms) and risk management. NTU’s risk research agenda is driven by the principle that catastrophic risk impacts the functioning and indeed the whole fabric of society. Understanding, communicating and managing catastrophic risk require comprehensive methodologies for risk quantification and mitigation.

The Institute of Catastrophe Risk Management (ICRM) will be the first multi-disciplinary risk management research institute of its kind in Asia and amongst a handful of such foremost centers worldwide. It will lead NTU in a new wave of integrative research efforts in its domain. It will also be a key player in Singapore’s effort to strengthen its position as a major financial hub.


The Symposium provides a platform for leading academics, researchers, senior finance/insurance professionals, regulators and representatives from relevant government agencies and private and public sector organisations from Asia and the rest of the world to share and exchange information on catastrophe risk management. Topics to be discussed include the insurance and (re)insurance landscape in Asia, public policy and societal perspectives with regard to catastrophe risk, and the latest developments related to risk assessment and management of disasters.

Such disasters encompass natural and non-traditional disasters including earthquakes, floods, typhoons and terrorism. The aim is to raise public and private awareness and understanding of the risks and potential impacts. The Symposium will provide a springboard for deepening current efforts in catastrophe risk management, so as to develop new public-private partnerships as well as multi-faceted strategies in mitigation.

The four themes for the 2-day Symposium are:

Theme 1 : Global Insurance and Reinsurance Landscape with Emphasis on Asia

Theme 2 : Societal Perspective as Major Stakeholders of Catastrophe Risk

Theme 3 : Risk and Public Policy, the Implications and Public Policy Issues related to Catastrophe Risk

Theme 4 : Loss Modelling and Risk Assessment

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