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ICRM Industry Roundtables

6th ICRM Industry Roundtable

Title: Closing the Natural Catastrophe Protection Gap; Jakarta
Date: 10 October 2014
Speaker: Mr Surendra Kumar Singupalli, Nat Cat Specialist, Property Treaty Underwriting

Mr SIngupalli presented on the issues related to Jakarta being confronted with a high risk from earthquakes and floods, and only a small part of the economy is insured. Without improved disaster preparedness, Jakarta could face a widening gap between economic and insured losses. The insurance industry must tackle together to secure the city's future development path.

5th ICRM Industry Roundtable

Date: Fri, 28 February 2014
Venue: MAS Building, 10 Shenton Way, Singapore 079117


“Progress in Agriculture Insurance in China”

Mr. Qingcai Yang (杨庆才), Senior Consultant of the China Agriculture Risk Management Society (CARMS) and ex-Vice Governor of Jilin Province
Mr. Shiyou Liu (刘世友), Assistant General Manager of Groupama-Avic in charge of agriculture insurance

With a premium volume of USD 5 billion, agriculture insurance in China has advanced to become the third largest line of insurance in China and to be the second largest market for agriculture insurance globally after the US. Risks are getting increasingly complex with a variety of crops, livestock, forests and greenhouses being insured across most of the provinces.

Mr Yang in his former role as Vice Governor of the Jilin province has closely been involved when agriculture insurance was introduced in his province in 2007. He now acts as a senior consultant to the China Agriculture Risk Management Society (CARMS) which directly advises the Chinese government on agriculture insurance. Mr Liu acts as the Assistant General Manger of the insurer Groupama-Avic which is the third largest insurer in China in terms of agriculture insurance premium and which is fully dedicated to rural business including the development of innovative products for the Chinese market.

“Geo Coding in Nat Cat Underwriting”

Mr Matti Siitonen, Head of Property Treaty Underwriting, Munich Re Singapore Branch

Knowing the precise location of high value exposure such as industrial parks or hotel facilities is of fundamental importance to assess and manage the risk from natural disasters. Munich Re has developed an underwriting tool which allows geo-coding of risks for natcat underwriting including a look-up functionality of natural disaster zones and footprints. In his role as Head of Property Treaty Underwriting at the world’s largest reinsurer Munich Re, Mr Matti Siitonen has been largely involved in the development of geo-coding approaches for property risks.

4th ICRM Industry Roundtable

Title: Model Uncertainty
Date: 1 August 2013
Speaker: Dr Angela Yeo, Director, JLT Re Analytics, Singapore

Dr Yeo presented on-going challenges in the reduction of model uncertainties for cat risk models. The importance of having good, reliable data was also emphasized.

3rd ICRM Industry Roundtable

Title: Risk Diversification through Pooling Nat Cat Risks
Date: 30 May 2013
Speaker: Dr Suzanne Corona, Head, Natural Perils, Asia Capital Reinsurance Group Pte Ltd, Singapore

Dr Corona talked about the work and challenges at Asia Capital Re on developing regional cat pools for the Asia market.

2nd ICRM Industry Roundtable

Title: Key Considerations in Underwriting Agriculture Risks – an Asian Perspective
Date: 25 April 2013
Speaker: Mr Christopher Coe, Head of Agriculture - S.E. Asia Aon Benfield, Sin gapore

Experiences in the underwriting of agriculture risks were shared by Mr Coe to the audience.

1st ICRM Industry Roundtable

Title: Reality of Catastrophe Models in Asia-Pacific – An Underwriter’s View
Date: 28 February 2013
Speaker: Mr Amitabha Ray, Director, Property & Specialty of Swiss Re Singapore Branch

Mr Ray discussed on the challenges of having and applying effective cat models for the Asia region, and particularly from an underwriter’s perspective.